SoWhat Project


SO WHAT aims to develop and validate, through different sector and countries real industrial test cases, an integrated software for auditing industrial process, planning and simulation of waste heat and cold (WH/C) valorisation systems towards the identification of economically viable scenarios where WH/C and renewable energy sources (RES) cooperate to match local demand.

SoWhat Project


The So What project, formed by 20 partners coming from 9 different European countries has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement N. 847097.

How are we going to implementSoWhat


The SO WHAT integrated tool will be designed to support industries, and energy utilities in auditing and mapping their energy processes.

Our Objectives

    1. SO WHAT will ensure a maximum prediction error in energy recovery estimate and CBA results between 5% and 10%.
    2. SO WHAT will reduce the cost and time related to Energy Audits, and thus WH/C recovery projects, up to 0.4 €/m2 and 3-5 day/audit (number of visits reduction)
    3. SO WHAT will progressively increase the number of new project on industrial WH/C recovery, resulting in 27,705 accumulated projects by 2030.
    4. SO WHAT will reach at least 36 industrial sites, including 24 SPIRE industries, 4 industrial parks, 12 public authorities, including 16 energy agencies, 12 DHC operators (energy companies), 24 associations and 4 RTO by 2021.
    5. SO WHAT is expected to trigger the creation of around 2,815 new jobs between 2023 and 2030.