SO WHAT partners to meet in person after 2 and a half years

SO WHAT partners to meet in person after 2 and a half years

With the pandemic restrictions lifting after one and a half years, the SO WHAT consortium was able to meet face-to-face for the first time and discuss the achievements to date and the future work ahead.

On the one hand, IVL, responsible for the SO WHAT tool outcomes and business model analysis communicated the submission of the article “Risk analysis for investments in industrial waste heat/cold collaborations” based on the findings of the report on economic drivers.

These cost analyses will be integrated into the SO WHAT tool that is now under development. There are going to be two versions of the tool: the open-access platform, to be made available on the website and a more advanced tool, on-demand by potential industrial sites and waste management facilities.

The SO WHAT tool will be very complete and will offer an extensive analysis to support industries, and energy utilities in auditing and mapping their energy processes.

Currently, the consortium is carrying out several feasibility studies among the 11 demo sites the project is working with. Based on this data, a feasibility tool has been developed and it will be integrated into the final version of the SO WHAT tool.

Testing and validation of the tool are also ongoing, and it is expected for the training materials too to be uploaded in the short term to the SO WHAT website.

Finally, discussions on the markets and exploitation were held and the dissemination strategy was presented.

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