20210216 webinar rina

The SoWhat tool to be presented in the webinar Digital Solutions for Industry

The So What Project coordinator RINA is hosting a webinar entitled Digital Solutions for Industry on February 22, 2021, from 11:00 to 12:30 (CET).

The session will showcase different innovative digital solutions that are being used or developed by four different European research projects: SHIP2FAIR, SO WHAT, RETROFEED and ECOFACT, which tackle different steps of the value chain.

In particular, the following solutions will be presented:

  • the SHIP2FAIR Replication Tool that supports the design phase of solar heat technology in industrial processes and the development of techno-economic feasibility studies;
  • the SO WHAT Integrated Tool that supports industries and energy utilities in selecting, simulating and comparing alternative waste heat and waste cold exploitation technologies for the heat and cold processes demand reduction;
  • the tool that allowed to carry out the RETROFEED industrial sites energy audits even during the first Covid-19 pandemic lockdown;
  • the ECOFACT platform built in a multi-service approach providing an innovative holistic combination of functionalities for advanced energy-efficient, sustainable process / product design and manufacturing management.

The webinar is open to all European and worldwide industrial players, as well as researchers, representatives of companies, associations, actors in the manufacturing sector.

Register in this link and discover with us the innovative digital solutions for industry!

So-What tool presentation

SO WHAT releases presentation about the tool being developed

SO WHAT’s main objective is to develop and demonstrate a market-ready integrated software that will support industries and energy utilities in simulating and comparing alternative Waste Heat and Waste Cold (WH/C) technologies, and simulate how to balance the local forecasted Heat and Cold demand and supply, including renewable energy sources integration. This is expected to reduce the cost and time related to energy audits and boost Waste Heat and Cold recovery and reuse.

To do so, SO WHAT is capitalizing already existing tool and knowledge from previous research experiences, and it will test the software in a set of demo sites across Europe that are active part of the project.

The project is now entering the software development phase and the consortium partners have prepared and launched a presentation providing an overview of this tool and including the following information: 

  • Overview of the tool and its functions
  • A comparison between the online (free) and advanced (commercial) versions
  • The industrial sectors that could be covered 
  • The user workflows
  • A tentative timeline and current progress

This presentation is available in the documents’ section of this website and in this link.