The consortium partners speak about their work in the SO WHAT project

During our consortium meeting in December, we interviewed some of our partners to get a better understanding of their involvement in this project that aims to support industries and energy utilities in auditing and mapping their energy processes.

Adriano Sciacovelli, from our partner entity the University of Birmingham explains that they are developing a technology database and studying the role of thermal energy storage and how it can integrate waste heat and waste cold recovery. After these models are developed, they will integrate them in the SO WHAT tool.

José María Cuartas Alonso from ELEUKON Global SLU, talks on their involvement as one of the demo sites. They seek to reuse the waste heat produced in the factory in Navia for district heating. 

Sabina Fiorot from Environment Park, speaks about their involvement in cluster activities and in the development of the training plan linked to the tool.

Last, but not least, our project coordinator from RINAFrancesco Peccianti explains that they are looking at the industries and at the surrounding areas to match both their needs in a way that heating and cooling becomes more sustainable and waste heat is recovered.

Watch the video below to find out more, a visit our consortium section to find out more about our partners: